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Consolidated experience in EPC field, familiar with relevant manufacturing processes, codes | standards such as EN standards, ISO, ANSI series, API Stds, ASME series, ASTM series, physical | mechanical properties, NDT procedures and equipment, acceptance testing. Deep experience in multicultural organizations & on international field.
Inspection | expediting activities in accordance to Customer’s requirements as follows:


  • Review of NDE procedures against Customer’s specification requirements and applicable codes and standards

  • Review of personnel qualification such as NDE qualifications and Welder Qualifications

  • Weld quality assurance (witness before, during and after welding, visual inspection, macro analysis, detect defects, review of WPS | WPQR) 

  • Witness of PWHT and Quality Heat Treatments against Customer’s specification requirements and applicable codes | standards

  • Review of mill certificates and base material certs as per EN 10204 requirements

  • Witness of forging operations on different types of forgings and materials

  • Witness of dimensional examinations against construction drawings

  • Witness of run-out check on shafts and rotors

  • Witness of PT, MT, RT and UT examinations against applicable specs, standards | codes

  • Witness of dimensional examinations against construction drawings

  • Witness of hydraulic and pneumatic tests, functional tests on valves

  • Witness of pressure and functional test on filters and accumulators

  • Witness of coating check, painting DFT check and pull-off test

  • Check of calibration certificates for dimensional measuring equipment’s, pressure gauges, spectrometers, tensile and Charpy testing machines, thermocouples, furnaces for pre-heating and heat treatments

  • Performance of expediting activity including check of production schedule, manufacturer’s production capacity, shipping standards | procedures

  • Review of Manufacturer’s Data Book

  • Issue of detailed inspection and expediting reports

  • Issue of Inspection Release Notes

  • Issue of Non-Conformity Reports and follow-up until resolution



Consolidated experience in EPC field as expediter and planner.
Familiar with the supply chain, deep knowledge of fabrication processes of mechanical & static equipment, knowledge of rotating, electrical, safety equipment and in general on all the fabricated items in the energy industry. Able to work in team but also to be a good leader, decision maker and problem solver.
More than 8 years of direct and continuous experience as Senior Expeditor on mega projects with high responsibilities, with tens of professionals managed and coordinated.
Capacity to deal with vendors and clients, and solve critical situation, even on procurement side.
Technical skills like NDT, WELDING, CHEMICAL COMPOSITIONS, STANDARDS, QAQC routine and processes together with a dynamic work mode and a proactive mind are the qualities that make me an added value. 


Main responsibilities covered during my expediting experiences


  • Work with different heads of department to monitor inventory levels, assess supply vendors and ensure delivered supplies meet quality standards. 

  • Review Purchase Order and all the contractual documentation to detect discrepancies and prevent any misunderstanding that could potentially cause delays 

  • Contact the Vendor to check correct receipt and interpretation of the Purchase Order, expediting the issuance of acknowledgement of the order 

  • Contact vendors, place orders, verify supplies, manage supply requisition, and communicate with supplies to determine expected delivery dates and inform Project Managers of potential delays. 

  • Monitor all supply chain phases to timely identify and manage any potential cause of delay, and mitigate delays already detected 

  • Ensure that the vendor supply schedule covers all the supply cycle phases (engineering, procurement, construction, inspection, preparation for shipment and transport) and its compliance with contract delivery terms and dates.

  • Collaborate with Project Managers for updates on delivery timelines. Supervise, if required, the activities of external expediters
    Facilitate the interface between Vendors and Saipem Functions involved in the supply chain activities 

  • Ensure timely availability of suitable shipping documentation to allow the shipping and transportation of the purchased materials
    Issue vendor performance feedback as per Saipem Vendor Management process 

  • Check the compliance of the supplies with contractual terms and with technical and qualitative requirements defined during the design phase, through the execution of inspections, tests, and document reviews 

  • Put in communication all the department in order to align engineering, procurement and construction. 

  • Manage in first person critical vendors, travel if necessary for a mission in order to solve quickly the issues.

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